We love parties!

With three lounge areas and an expansive outdoor courtyard, Michael’s has the perfect area and amenities to host your gatherings.

We welcome you to bring in decorations the day of your party and set up the area however you would like.  We do not have a kitchen, however we accept any catering or home-cooked dishes to be brought in.  Several six- and eight-foot tables are available for use, as well as paper linens, plates, napkins and plastic utensils.  In addition, we provide space for you to store cold dishes or cakes (in a cooler, not a freezer), and would be more than happy to provide caterers’ contact information if you seek suggestions.


The patio has an independent sound system — you can play your playlist from a phone or pick a Pandora station from our computer.  We allow DJs and bands, but this MUST be discussed prior to an event.  We also have a projecter and 14′ screen for slide shows or television.

The roof is retractable and motorized.  When it rains the roof can be closed, and opened in nice weather.  In the colder months, we have four industrial heaters to keep the courtyard warm.

The courtyard comfortably holds parties up to 100 people. No deposit or rental fee is required; instead a minimum amount per person is requested and paid in bar service.   Hosts can request an open bar for their guests or guests can pay for their own drinks.  Parties are typically held until 10 pm. At 10 pm we ask that the area be available to all guests.


For every event, we provide a designated waitress who will be attentive to your guests.



Please message Ashton with all of your booking questions and needs, AshtonAtriumEvents@Gmail.com